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Enuff have given it a low kingpin for added clearance and no hangups, plus a large hanger wear space. Its superior strength and style provide seriously smooth grinds and responsive turning, not to mention great control, which has been a big hit with our team of riders!

The trucks are available in two sizes 129 & 139. The 129 will fit board width 7.5” up to 8” and the 139” will fit 8” up to 8.5” and lots of colours

Check out the spec:

Weight: 129mm - 350 grams / 139mm - 355 grams

Baseplate: Gravity cast 356A Aluminium heat treated to T4. PU cast custom pivot cup

Hanger: Maximum grind space before reaching axle. Laser cut logo

Bushings: 92A PU Cast ( £15 EACH TRUCK)